Features & Benefits

Multi-axis Illumination - low angle and dome  – creates an even illumination for a really robust reading with the toughest DPMs
Aggressive DPM Decoding, to read any kind of DPM code
Industrial, rugged design to resist to repeated shocks and usage, guaranteeing reliable operations in the long term
Embedded USB. No additional power connection is required
Vibrating Motor Built for noisy industrial environments
DoD Validation Integrated



Assembly lines, Part traceability
Process control
Open loop track warranty


Part traceability
Assembly/Validation tracking
Open loop track logistics


Code validation after marking
Surgical tool traceability


The POWERSCAN D8590 is an ultrahigh performance handheld imager for DIRECT PART MARK reading. Thanks to a perfect combination of the embedded multiple lighting system and the aggressive DPM decoding algorithms, the POWERSCAN D8590 easily reads any challenging Direct Part Mark codes (DPM). The embedded multiple axis illuminator - low angle and dome – and the dynamic automatic lighting control enable a robust reading with the toughest DPMs, on flat, shiny, curved surfaces or dot peening codes. The high processing speed allows the POWERSCAN D8590 a very fast decoding, for the maximum operator productivity. POWERSCAN D8590 is extremely easy to use. The reader integrates an aiming system for simple point-and-click targeting and the reading acknowledge is intuitive thanks to the audible, vibrator, and multipurpose visual user systems. Easy connectivity and portability are ensured with direct, single USB power connection; no additional accessories required. The ruggedized design permits reliable operations in the long term.